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 Email Advancement with questions, advancement information, or to request a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review




Rank Advancement/Requirements

·         Rank Advancement Process presentation  Coming soon! (eventually link to T233-RankAdvancement.pdf)

·         Videos: How to complete rank requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks

·         Learn to tie knots

·         Sharpen an ax or knife



Merit Badge

·        Merit Badge Process presentation  Coming soon! (eventually link to T233-MeritBadge.pdf)

·         Merit Badge list and requirements (from BSA Boy’s Life)

·         Merit Badge Workbooks (these are not official requirements)

             T233-MeritBadgeProcess.pdf Merit Badge Process


Merit Badge Counselor

·         Merit Badge Counselor Guide (link to T233-MBC-Guide.pdf )

·         Merit Badge Counselor Information form, No. 34405



·         Uniform Purchase Check List

·         Uniform Inspection Sheet, No. 34283



·         Online Adult Training


Troop Meetings

·         Troop Program Features, Volume I, No. 33110

·         Troop Program Features, Volume II, No. 33111

·         Troop Program Features, Volume III, No. 33112



·         Troop Program Resources, No. 33588 (see pages 23 -77)

·         More Scout games


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