Dan Otten - Patrol leader
Alex Dobbs - APL
Thomas Otten - Quartermaster
Devin Ford
Preston Johnson-Quaife
Brayton Estes
Zachary Athey

About: Soul patrol is the youngest patrol. They Were the Phoenix patrol of 2014, and decided to stick together. They formed the Soul patrol. While not that experienced as a patrol, they have enthusiasm. They lack a stove, and are getting pretty good at dutch oven cooking as a result. They are the patrol with the most active members, so you rarely have to go over $10 to eat. They have a fair share of altercations, but are still good friends. Dan and Thomas are NYLT trained leaders.
Why the name: At LPSR summer camp 2014, a few of them took eagle quest. Their instructor introduced himself as "soulboy," and so there eagle quest patrol was called the Soul patrol. They took the name back, and it has been the source of some puns since then.