The Troop provides one t-shirt included with the dues each year for each scout.  Adults and sibling t-shirts will be made available through the troop at cost.

The boys design the shirts in the Fall and we place the t-shirt order early in April (we hope to have all new cross-over webelos by then to include them in the shirt order).

The t-shirts are considered part of the uniform for activities when it is not appropriate to wear their khaki shirts.  This could include christmas tree recycling, hiking, camping, summer camp, winter camp, and any high adventure programs.  For summer and winter camps, it is recommended to have several shirts for the week-long activities.  Families are not required to buy a bunch of shirts from us for the scouts' first year of camp, however.  They can wear any "Scout Appropriate" shirt.  See the Assistant Scoutmaster for new scouts if you have questions on this.

The t-shirts are purchased by the adult committee, so please attend committee meetings to get any questions answered.  The troop will request information as to sizes and quantities, place the order, and families will reimburse the troop when they pick up the shirts.  Checks payable to 'BSA Troop 233' and cash are accepted.  You can pay in advance of picking up the shirts, in which case please ask that the treasurer simply put the money in to your "Scout Account" which can be used to pay for the shirts.  More details at the committee meeting.