Advancement Procedures

  • So you are ready to advance in Rank, now what?
  1. First you need to complete your ScoutMaster conference.
    • Request a ScoutMaster Conference
    • In your email tell the scoutmaster what rank you are ready to achieve and list when you are available. Remember, he may not be available certain nights so plan ahead.
  2. Next you will need a board of review
    • Request a Board of Review
    • A board of review requires 3 Committee Members. Please use the same process as for a ScoutMaster review. Also, since each of these take about 30 minutes, it is not always possible to do both a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review on the same night.

There are more than 150 awards you can earn as a Boy Scout. Whether it’s a rank advancement, merit badge or one of the many other individual awards, there’s plenty for you to set your sights on. is a wiki containing information about merit badge requirements and worksheets.