Camping Resources

Troop 233 Camping Info


  • Meals are planned by Patrols at the Monday shakedown
  • If boys do not participate in meal planning at shakedown, there is a higher likelihood they will not like the meals.
  • Cost is set by Patrols, usually about $10.
    • Money is given to Grubmaster (elected on Monday) to buy all food for patrol
  • If you miss Monday Shakedown, do not assume anyone is buying you food.
    • It is your responsibility to contact your patrol leader or SPL to make arrangements.
  • Friday night Dinner is not included, please eat before you come.
  • Same plan for adults, except we tend to spend a few dollars more


  • Tents are provided by the troop for boys, but they need to pack at shakedown
  • Troop has 4 man tents, which are good to share between 2-3 boys
  • Adults must bring their own tent.

Friday Departure

  • We usually meet at VFW at 6:00 for 6:30 departure.
    • We need to leave on time in order to not have to set up in the dark
    • Please be respectful of fellow campers and be on time.
  • Friday dinner not part of organized meals (see meals). Eat before you come.
  • Class A Uniform required for Friday Departure

Must Bring

  • Personal Mess kit (Plate, bowl, cup and silverware)
    • Main cooking gear is owned by each patrol(pots,pans stove, etc)
  • Water Bottle
  • Weather appropriate clothing and footwear.
    • FlipFlops are not appropriate except for water related activities
    • Closed toed shoes REQUIRED
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Sleeping bag (optional pad)
  • Scout Handbook
  • Tent (Troop provided for boys but you must pack)
  • Class A and B Uniform
  • Medications (Must be given to Adult leader)

May Bring

  • Chair
  • Pocket knife (if has Totin' Chip)
    • No fixed blades unless approved by Scoutmaster in advance
  • Rain Gear (or get wet)
  • Pillow
  • SunScreen, Bug Spray
  • Hat
  • Swim Suit, towel, (if water activity planned)

May Not Bring

  • Electronic devices
    • Tablets, video games etc.
    • Cell phone may be brought, but must be stored for duration of campout
      • Only to be used for emergencies
  • Soda, Candy etc.

At Campout

  • Adult Camp site is separate from Boys
  • Boys sleep in tents with other boys, not with adults/parents
    • Some exceptions made, but this is not preferred.
  • Boys need to ask permission to enter adult site
  • Boys eat Boy prepared meals, not with adults