BackPacking meals

Hints and tips for packing and cooking meals for a backpacking trip.

Dehydrated food is one of the most common types of meals for backpacking, but we describe multiple options. One handy method of cooking is called Freezer Bag Cooking or FBC. Check it out here are our Troop highly recommends this.

Start with a backpacking stove. These are lightweight and can be had for not much money. An all in one simple stove with pot can be purchased for < $30.

Next item is option, but useful if you want to mix your own meals. It is a insulated pouch for holding cooking bags while your meal "cooks". You simply add you boiling water to a freezer bag containing you freeze dried meal, and then place in this pouch to cook. You can buy a ready made one, or build your own out of insulated car window shades. Here is one example:

Choices for meals are numerous. You can choose from pre-packaged meals by major names such as Mountain House or Backpackers Pantry, or you can assemble you own. Below we offer some tips and meal suggestions.


  • Instant Oatmeal

    • Add oatmeal + boiling water to freezer bag and place in cooking cozy until done.

  • Bagels + English muffins

    • These are 2 bread types that pack and travel well. You can add extras to these like peanut butter or nutella. Justins makes single serve packets of various flavors that are perfect for this ( These are sold at HEB and Amazon.

  • Eggs

  • Granola or Cereal with powdered milk

Lunch and Dinner

  • Pre-packaged meals from Mountain House or Backpakers Pantry are a popular option. Individual pre-packaged meals that just need hot water added. Mountain House Lasagna, Beef Strognaoff, Teriyaki Chicken are some of the Troop favorites. Vegetarian/Vegan options are also plentiful (

  • Knorr pasta or rice sides

  • Mac and Cheese

  • Ramen, Cup of Noodle, etc, can also make a great lunch. Any just add boiling water version will work great.

  • Meal Replacement Bars

    • There a numerous options that provide for a quick no-cook meal. We don't recommend these for every meal, but can be a good option for a meal or 2.


    • Personal favorite of the ScoutMaster is GreenBelly as it is truly a full meal replacement with balanced nutrition.



  • Electrolytes

    • Especially in warmer weather, important to bring electrolytes to add to water

    • Nuun is a tablet brand that many in the Troop like, but there are others. Can be bought at HEB or Academy.

DIY Freezer Bag Meals recipes

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